Ghost In The Shell (Mixed-Review anticipation)

An upcoming movie is Ghost in the Shell.  Ghost in the Shell is a fantasy & mystery movie, following Major who is the first force of an elite cyber-enhanced humans. A force that fights the world’s most dangerous criminals.  A new terrorist threat is the perfect job for Major, except it leads her down a road of self-discovery.  She learns that her life was not saved by the one who made her.  Her life was stolen!  And despite the mixed reviews on the casting choices, I feel that this will be one of the best films this year.  Scarlett Johansson is playing Major the main character, but in the cartoon Major was Japanese.  I personally don’t discriminate against any actor, but others feel outraged over this simple casting choice.  No matter the casting, I know that Ghost in the Shell will be the movie to see March 30th.  See for yourself by watching the trailer below. Then take your stance on the movie.

By Deon Lyke



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