by Kabrisha Bell

March 20



In 1413, Henry V took the throne of England because of the death of his father Henry IV. Henry IV was born on April 15, 1367. He had 7 children and was married twice. The first wife was Mary de Bohun. Mary de Bohun was never queen because she died before Henry IV was King. She died on June 4, 1394; five years and three months later King Henry IV was introduced to the throne. King Henry IV’s second wife Joanna of Navarre was married to John V of Brittany. England described her as beautiful, gracious and majestic. Also, they described her as greedy, stingy, and was accused of accepting bribes.

As Henry’s health worsened, Thomas Arundel would be next to be King and then Henry‘s half-brother and son will be next. The government forced Thomas to be next and then Prince Henry because it would be best to adopt France. This caused arguments in England because Prince Henry wanted to keep the Civil War to continue, but King Henry IV wanted to keep peace among the people.  Before everything was final King Henry IV passed away on March 20 of 1413.

Image result for great fire of boston 17601760 GREAT BOSTON FIRE

The Great Boston Fire took place in the downtown of Boston on March 20, 1760. The fire destroyed 346 buildings and left thousands of people of homeless. The fire started near the central market and the wind made the fire spread faster. The fire lasted for 10 hours. There are not any clear causes why the fire started, but they have to guess what started it: candles, were unattended chimneys, and open fires. Unattended him was popular and most of the houses and other buildings were made of wood. Fires were common in Boston and they did not know it will start a big fire because of the dense population and the windy location.

Jesse James Gang Robbed Bank

In 1868, Jesse James Gang robbed Russellville, Kentucky bank for 14 thousand dollars. Five to six men robbed Nimrod & Co. Bank. and only two got caught. George Sheperd was guilty of the robbery and had three years in prison. Oll Sheperd died because he was resisting arrest. Years later, seven men were part of the bank robbery.

First AC Power Plant in the United States

ac power plant.jpg

In 1886, the AC power plant was built in Great Barrington. The AC power plant was designed by William Stanley and it was the greatest achievement. William was inspired, George Westinghouse. George created the AC current system development. The greatest achievements took years after the first AC power plant. After the greatest achievement, it created many jobs and companies like General Electric.

The AC power plant was eye opening and grabbed several people attention. The electrical industry transformed after the greatest achievement. William designed the E-shaped core that helps the induction coils. Also, he was the first and valuable experience with AC generators and design the whole AC system design. After the studies of the Great Barrington, many engineers learned from William experiments. And now it’s inspiring thousands of people.

First Computing Scale Company in Dayton, Ohio

In 1891, the first computing scale company was founded in Dayton, Ohio. The scale was created by Julius Pitrat. Edward Canby and Orange Ozias had paid for Julius’s patents and then created The Computing Scale is the world’s first computing scale vendor.The part of the computing-tabulating-recording company was founded in 1911. Then the company became part of IBM division in 1933. Dayton Scale Company was sold to Hobart Manufacturing Company because they decided to stop selling scales.

United States Marines Landed to Protect Citizens

In 1896, United States Marines landed in Nicaragua to protect and save United States citizens.  This was an eye-opening of the revolution.

Yale VS. Pennsylvania Basketball

Tyale bbg.jpghe first basketball game that used five players for each team. It was a basketball game with Yale and Pennsylvania. In 1897, Yale won against Pennsylvania. The score was 32 to 10.



First Woman to be Executed in Electric Chair

marthaThe first woman to be executed in the electric chair was done in 1899 at Sing Sing prison. Martha M. Place was guilty of killing her stepdaughter.

Martha was born in New Jersey in 1854. At the age of 23, she was hit in the head by a sleigh. Martha’s brother said she did not recover from the accident and made her unstable.

She married William Place in 1893 and join in with him and his daughter Ida Place. He didn’t marry Martha because he love her or he had to. He married her because he needed help with his daughter. That was a wrong mistake that William made. He called the police because Martha had threatened Ida.

William was attacked by Martha by an ax in February of 1899 and called the police. When the police arrived at New York home they found Ida dead. She was found dead underneath the bed and was forced to have acid in her mouth. Martha killed Ida because she was jealous.

President Lyndon B. Johnson Orders to Protect Marchers

In 1965, United States President Lyndon B. Johnson ordered 4 thousand troops. He toldthe Alabama’s Governor George Wallace that he will have Alabama National Guard to protect the marcher of Selma. The discrimination and intimidation are reasons why President ordered the troops to travel to Selma, Alabama.

martin.jpgSelma black people could not register or vote and a crowd of 600 marched to Montgomery to protest against the system. A black  man was killed by a state trooper. The black man was Jimmie Lee Jackson was a deacon of Baptist church. He was more than a black man, he was inspiration to blacks to vote. Later on, state and local police attacked markers with gas. TV audience saw the outraged messing and then people created a march, known as “Bloody Sunday”.  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was the head of  the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC).

On March 18, the judge approved the third march and the President ordered the safety of the marchers and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr while they travle to Montgomery from Selma.

The results of the march was 10 thousand guardmen, over 50 thousand marchers that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. lead. After arriving to Montgomery, Dr. Martin had speech “How Long, Not Long” in front of the Capitol building. Few months pass, the Congress passed the Voting Rights Act on August of 1965. Featured Content






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