Infographics are used to represent information or data. It is used to replace words and should be worth a thousand words.  Infographics are pictures that map out an idea in simple terms, but will summarize without taking away from the key details or message.  Infographics are important because they get more foot traffic.  Also because they are quick ways to learn about topics without having to do any heavy reading.  Infographics are  plague because they have been picked up by internet marketers who will not care if the information is factual or not .  95% of infographics from unknown sites are full of distortions and lies.  Lies that they make up in order to link you to your website.   Everyone should use infographics because they are definitely easier than producing or reading long articles.  Also because they can better spread important messages.  The only concern would be if the infographic is being used for the right purpose with truthful information.  However, infographics are truly fun ways to inform whether it’s about a movie, a current news story, or even a University add.  An Infographic below is an example. It displays the pay from different James Bond actors as the franchise progressed.

-Deon Lyke


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