Fast and the Furious 8 Review by Preston Pinnick

This movie is one of a long line of dramatic thrill seeking action films. This story line is much different then the seven before it. The second lead character, who played along side Paul Walker, is Vin Deisel and he is a force to be wrecken with. Due to the kid snapping of his lone child and ex-love, he is forced to go against his group of close friends when they need him for a mission. In the movies prior they all fought together against hardened criminals and to assist the government, who turns to them when they have no other options. This film is certainly creative in the way they shape the wave of emotions from heart felt to down right fast-paced action, as well as violence. This is the highest grossing movie in opening weekend history. The Fast and the Furious 8 made over $532 million in sales their first weekend out. 

This interview of Vin Deisel tells alot about the awareness of the interviewer. He really pulled out the true spirit of the actor by asking him specifics about certain seems in the film. He doesn’t seem to being asking specifically for well developed answers which is what a good interview needs, but it definetly seems that the interview seems more candid. Like this is a normal conversation. 


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