Youtube Review

Hello, if you are reading this you must not be very technology friendly.  In this post I will be reviewing the mobile app Youtube.  It is downloadable over IOS and android.  However, it can still be used in a web browser by going to “”.  Youtube is designed to watch, upload, and share videos all on one platform.  The app layout is for anyone to use for it has everything for everybody.  The app rating for age is 17 and over for various reasons, but in simple terms nowhere on the internet is truly safe for someone to roam without seeing something they shouldn’t.  Youtube is a pretty simple app.  The format is as simple as it gets.  You search and click on what you want to watch.  Youtube even walks you through a tutorial upon your first couple of uses.  It even goes into the deeper features that a new user wouldn’t know about upon first glance.

      Youtube isn’t so perfect though.  Youtube has a limitation in the app version as well as the browser on tablets and smartphones.  The limitation is Youtube can’t play a video in the background like a music streaming app. It is meant for face to video interaction only.  This defect does not affect the website on a computer as you can roam freely and your video will play continuously in the background.  This disadvantage has plagued Youtube users for years.  And the only way around it is to pay Youtube a monthly subscription for what it calls “Youtube Red”.

      On a more positive note, the layout becomes more and more visually dazzling after each update.  Every video has its own sound profile depending on the quality, but Youtube does have a volume toggle for you to use.  Youtube isn’t a perfect app and it has a long way to go.  However, no platform comes close to Youtube’s vast collection of media.  Youtube truly has something for every potential user. I predict that Youtube will only continue to rise and become a greater platform to view various forms of media.  And remember, it all starts with a search!

-Deon Lykedownload


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